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The following conditions and obligations are applicable to all users subscribing to FRIYAY online platform, described here as the"Influencers". These conditions and obligations are governed by the Thai law as they defined the current terms of use.

When subscribing to FRIYAY, whether you qualify as a user or a single entity, you explicitly and unconditionally agree to FRIYAY specific conditions and obligations applicable to the influencers, including and without limitations, to the Terms and Conditions set by FRIYAY. If you qualify as a business entity, you guarantee that you own all rights to abide by the conditions and obligations applicable to influencers on the behalf of the legal entity you are registering and creating an online personal account for. 

1. Conditions to Register 

By registering an account on FRIYAY's platform, you agree to and guarantee that :

  • You are 16 years old minimum. If the legal age in your country of residence is above 16, you will need to get explicit permission from a parent or a next of kin to create your account on FRIYAY's platform.

  • You are not a past or present contract employee of FRIYAY or Garcon Consulting Co., Ltd.

  • You are not working as part of a FRIYAY's direct partner (client, media agency)

  • You have at least one active social media platform (among the following: Instagram, Facebook or YouTube), set in "public" mode during all the length of your collaboration with FRIYAY. An active account is defined by a minimum of one "1" post per week during all the length of your registration with FRIYAY. 

  • You account for at least the minimum amount of followers requested on at least one of the following platform:

    • Facebook : 5,000 fans minimum​

    • Instagram : 3,000 followers minimum

    • YouTube : 1,000 subscribers minimum

  • You have an active e-mail address.

  • You have a physical address where partner products or invitations can be shipped.

  • FRIYAY reserves the right to review your account(s) metrics at any given time during the length of time you are registered with FRIYAY. This is in order to verify that your account(s) still comply with FRIYAY's guidelines. In the case you don't have a minimum of one "1" active account complying with the set of rules defined above, FRIYAY may terminate your account registration immediately and without prior notice. A notification of termination will be sent to your e-mail address within 72hrs after your account is deactivated.

  • Your account(s) is/are organically grown, meaning you don't use paid methods, third-parties or softwares/apps -whether legal or banned- to artificially grow your fan base, increase your social reach or generate incremental clicks. 

  • Unless specifically requested by a written agreement, within the sole purpose of a campaign initiated by FRIYAY, you agree to not encourage the expectation of financial rewards to encourage social media interactions.

  • You acknowledge the site Terms & Conditions and grant FRIYAY the access to your personal informations within your FRIYAY's personal account, collect your data in the sole purpose of establishing statistical reports and in order to grant you access to the e-commerce platform. You acknowledge that in the case of your refusal, FRIYAY will no longer be able to grant you access to its e-commerce platform and experiences. In this case, you can refuse the access to your social media data by notifying our team at any time at the email address : Upon reception of this email, your account will be deactivated and you will be notified within 72hrs.

  • You agree that partner brands whose products/experiences you have reviewed/sampled/visited/experienced, may use reuse the content you have posted publicly on your account(s). The use of such content will bear a credit mention with your social media handle.

2. Your Account on


Your personal account allows you to access FRIYAY e-commerce platform where you can discover our partner products & experiences and request collaborations. Collaborations are based on an explicit barter basis: FRIYAY grants influencers the full access the requested product and/or experience in exchange for a free product/experience review posted publicly on the Influencer social media profile. 

  • By registering and creating an account on you explicitly agree to comply with the set of rules and guidelines defined above. After completing the steps to register, our team will review your request and either grant or deny access to FRIYAY e-commerce platform within 72hrs maximum. Note that completing the registration process will not automatically grant you access to FRIYAY e-commerce platform.

  • Upon approval of your account by our team, you will be able to access your personal account and start requesting collaborations. In order to start such process you will need to complete the following information in your "My Account" section of your personal account :​​

    • First and Last name​

    • Age

    • Address 

    • Phone number 

    • Email address

    • Social Media platform(s) provided by their respective URL(s)

  • It is your responsibility to update and inform FRIYAY of any change on the information cited above.

  • Upon your account creation, you will automatically be granted the "SILVER" status or "First Tier", which enables you to access products with a value worth THB 1,000, one product at a time. There are 2 other tiers you can access : "GOLD" and "ELITE" by reviewing products and verifying your reviews as per brief and guidelines (see after). You can check directly your on-going status at the dedicated page (accessible only when logged in with your personal account)

  • You can request the deletion your personal account at any time and without any justification. To proceed to its deletion, you will notify our team at the following email : Note that it can take up to 2 weeks to process your request, which will be confirmed to you by email.

3. Reviews


  • FRIYAY enables all influencers with a personal account on to request product and experience collaborations. Products/experiences are accessible directly on the e-commerce platform at the "SHOP" section. Note that requesting the products/experiences does not grant you automatically the access to such products/experiences. Upon receiving your collaboration request, we will notify the brand which will decide whether to confirm your profile for the campaign or to decline the request. To maximize your chance to get confirmation, it is your responsibility to check the following information :

    • Brand Requirements ​: visible on the product page, right below the price. You will find here all relevant information and social media guidelines set forth by our partner brands on how the product/experience is requested to be reviewed (if any). You need to ensure you can review the product/experience as requested.

    • Platforms : visible on the product page, right below the brand requirements. Check which social media platform(s) is(are) eligible to receive the partner brand' reviews on. It may vary from one (1) to three (3). If there is one specific platform requirement, it will be shown as follow "Instagram only". If there are two (2) mandatory platforms, it will be shown as follow "Instagram AND Facebook". If there are no (or limited) requirements it will be shown as follow "Instagram OR Facebook OR YouTube".

    • Hashtags : visible on the product page, right below the brand requirements.

    • Minimum follower base : If specified, it will be visible on the product page, right below the brand requirements.

  • If you are in the capacity of reviewing the product/experience as requested by the partner brand and you match the above requirements, you may be eligible to request your product/experience. You can proceed to the order and we will notify you of the partner brand decision within 7 (seven) days by email. 

  • In the case you receive a positive answer from our partner brand to your collaboration request, you acknowledge and accept that :

    • Products sent are strictly reserved to your personal use. The sale, gift or donation of such product is prohibited. 

    • You must clearly identify the partner brand on your post, whether directly on the post (Instagram) or in the text caption (Facebook and YouTube) with its respective social media handle.

    • You must clearly identify FRIYAY on your post, whether directly on the post (Instagram) or in the text caption (Facebook and YouTube) with its respective social media handle.

    • Your review must be posted as "public" and shall stay active and accessible during 30 days, starting on the day of the post.

    • You guarantee that all your reviews are authentic, reflect your personal opinion and feedback whether positive or negative and are your own original and personal content. 

    • You grant FRIYAY and our partner brands the non-exclusive right to use your reviews and social media handle for advertising, media and PR purposes, as well as in marketing presentations and on FRIYAY's website and social media channels.

For more detailed information on how to order your products, check the following page (you must be logged in).

4. Your obligations when reviewing


  • You must clearly identify the partner brand with the following information:

    • Hashtags : use the one(s) provided ​in the brand requirement section.

    • Social media handle : tag the partner brands with their official social media handle provided in the brand requirement section, either directly on the post (for Instagram and Instagram stories) or in the caption text (Facebook and YouTube)

    • Product name and features : as described in the brand requirement section.

    • Your feedback : honest review of the product/experience you received or experienced. It is essential that you share your genuine assessment based on the product/experience usage, in order to ensure transparent reviews, non-biased impression for your fans and beyond to benefit from. 

    • Timing : After reception of the product OR use of the experience, you have 30 days to create and post your review in public.

  • Everything you mention regarding the product/experience must reflect your own personal use of such product/experience. Your feedback must be authentic, honest, constructive and helpful for further users.

  • In no case you must make personal, unfounded scientific or performance assumptions on the product capabilities unless proven and clearly displayed on the partner brand's product/website. Your feedback is expected on the features you liked or didn't like with a short constructive explanation. 

4.1. Additional obligations

You acknowledge and agree that :

  • You can't show, represent or mention any other brand name, logo or visual in your posts other than the partner brand which accepted your collaboration. 

  • You can't show or feature an underage person in your post, with a particular focus on kids and toddlers, who are not under under your legal responsibility or haven't explicitly agreed, by the mean of a legal parent and by writing, on appearing in your review.

  • You must respect the applicable local regulations and laws, acknowledging local specificities, customs, rules and practices related to the use of internet and social media. To a more global extent you guarantee that your reviews and the content created for such reviews posted across your social media accounts, as well as information and comments are exact, licit and are free from remarks and language that would harm or damage any third party. This includes but is not limited to : defamation, denigration, infringement of privacy, insults, racial slurs, xenophobia, homophobia, threats of any kind, call to violence, harassment, minor abuse, as well as any related copyright and trademark infringement, private property of third parties and partner brands. FRIYAY will not be responsible for any stance and attitude displayed by influencers and shall not be liable or linked to such violations if they were to happen. 

  • You accept not to be paid, whether directly or indirectly, for your product and/experience reviews requested through FRIYAY's e-commerce platform. You guarantee that you won't contact partner brands and go out of the normal process for reviewing the products/experiences you have been granted. 

  • In order to provide you with all available experiences associated with FRIYAY e-commerce platform, FRIYAY will use your data as detailed in the privacy policy

  • You acknowledge that FRIYAY will not be liable for:

    • Direct and indirect damage resulting from a temporary malfunction or interruption of FRIYAY's website or e-commerce platform, from a suspension, termination or cancelation for any reason, or damage resulting from an direct and indirect connexion to the platform. It is your obligation and your sole responsibility to take all appropriate measures in order to protect your data and/or softwares uploaded on your personal computer equipment against any malware. Your connection to the e-commerce platform is made under your responsibility. 

    • Any damage occurred by the use and/or review of products/experiences from FRIYAY's e-commerce platform.

    • Any complaint resulting from the use and/or review of products/experiences from FRIYAY's e-commerce platform and posted on your social media account(s).

5. FRIYAY's right over influencers reviews

  • In the case your review :

    • Does not incorporate all the information required by the brand, listed in the brand requirement section​

    • Is defamatory towards our partner brands 

    • Fails to properly mention the brand name or is inaccurate in its description

FRIYAY then reserves the right to demand the immediate amendment or deletion of the review.

  • In the case your review is not publicly posted within the 30-day timeframe allocated, FRIYAY reserves the right to demand immediate compensation ​from the influencer, in the form of social media retributions.


If influencer fails to comply with the timeframe or any of its obligations mentioned in 4. Your obligations when reviewing and 4.1. Additional obligations, his/her personal account will be deleted without prior notice and his/her profile will be reported to our partner brands for blacklisting purposes. You understand that your responsibility might be engaged to a legal extent in the case of a grave breach or infringement to the citied obligations. You agree on compensating FRIYAY (legal fees included) for any violation of the Conditions and Obligations Applicable to the Influencers initiated by you, and/or for any formal complaint made by our partner brands or third parties. 

Last update: August 2019

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