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Thammachart Seafood

Foodies' paradise. 


With a keen eye for quality and a relentless sense of adventure, Thammachart Seafood's passion for finding the freshest, tastiest and best seafood runs deeper than the Pacific Ocean. Being Thailand's leading seafood retailer is something they have earned throughout the years, with expertise and honesty. But in a booming industry saturated with highly competitive new players, it became critical to re-issue their quality statement while amplifying it towards a younger, social-savvy generation. Mmmhh...any ideas ?


Because the company had managed to keep and carry strong family values all these years, it was essential for us to find a way to develop an influencer campaign that could convey this "boutique" spirit and ethics, while standing out on social media. It was also important to design a campaign that would not only drive sales but also educate customers, creating meaningful content rather than shallow, boring posts. Armed with passion and a network of incredibly adequate influencers profiles, it was time to shine!









First things first, since it was a priority to design a human and relatable experience, we turned to our network of micro influencers to source relevant profiles, users who could adequately represent the brand while building it up towards an engaged crowd.

The pitch ?! Influencers would create their own recipes and share them with their fans ! Thammachart Seafood is all about improving your daily routine with tasty and healthy products, where only imagination is the limit. Influencers were asked to cook, play chef and concoct delicious recipes whether for a romantic dinner, a post-work our meal or a tasty snack on the go. 

We recruited a community of engaged foodies, healthy-living influencers who loved to shift around their routine with new tasty products.

Our influencers needed to show boldness, an initiative and creative spirit while focusing on what the brand does best : providing fresh and healthy treats.

Each of our influencers were carefully briefed upon receiving the products, went through a detailed on-boarding session to ensure smooth execution.

Let's hit the spot

Within a few days, our influencer partners were proven to be the right fits, with lots of in-depth and comprehensive posts on Instagram and Facebook, showcasing Thammachart Seafood through a lifestyle lens. Our campaign concept and storytelling got influencers super-excited, who then went out of their ways to create valuable brand content

We generated album posts, Instagram carousels, stories, videos and lots of impactful social media formats to captivate fans' attention while engaging them at a local scale

Beyond the likes

Engagement was through the roof, but at FRIYAY we believe in taking things to the next level, and yes, by next level we mean growing sales.

Leveraging the genuine and organic engagement generated during the first days of the campaign, we gave our influencers VIP promo codes that they shared in exclusivity with their followers, granting them various perks, discounts and benefits directly on Thammachart's website.


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